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BOYS' MUSIC INSTITUTE (Honarestan-e Aliye Musighi-Pesaran), TEHRAN






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1067 Upper Imam Khomeini Junction, Valliasr Street, Tehran, Iran


+98 21 6640 2170

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Diploma and certificate programs


Diploma. Six years. Two programs are offered: • Iranian music. Performance on tar, kamancheh, nei, santour, tombac, qanoun, lute, dulcimer. Students participate in the orchestra of Iranian instruments, performing works by Iranian composers. Other studies include chorus, piano, history of Iranian music, history of the world’s music, theory and form of Iranian music, Iranian and world instruments, aural training, poetry. • Western classical music. Performance on piano and orchestral instruments. There is a classical music orchestra which performs works by Iranian and international composers. Other studies include chorus, keyboard skills, history of world music, harmony, aural training, basics of composition. Higher Certificate. Two years following the diploma.

Institution Notes:

This school commences at year 7 and continues through to year 12, operating under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education. A further two years may be taken (under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Islamic Culture and Guidance). Students enrolled from years 7 to 12 study general subjects as well as receiving specialist music training. Graduates of the school are eligible to apply for admission to the Faculty of Music at the University of Tehran, to the University of Art in Karaj or to the music programs at the universities in Tabriz and Shiraz, after passing appropriate entrance tests.

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July 2019