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UNIVERSITY OF GUYANA, GEORGETOWN Faculty of Education & Humanities






Street Address:

Turkeyen campus: Greater Georgetown, Guyana

Postal Address:

PO Box 101110, Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown, Guyana


+592 337 2277


Undergraduate program


Bachelor of Arts (BA). Music is available as a minor study.




Associate Degree in Music. Two years. Courses in performance (piano, voice, guitar, drumming, steel pan), arranging for pan, history of Western music, history, form and style of music in the Caribbean, pedagogy, music education, with some study of world systems - Orff Kodály, Dalcroze. On completion of the course students are eligible to teach music in schools. Certificate in Music (Pan). Two years, part-time. Classes are scheduled between 3.15 and 7.15 allowing students to take other employment.

Institution Notes:

The university was established in 1963. There is a second campus in Berbice. The Amerindian Research Unit has a collections of tapes of indigenous Guyanese music. The library holds some manuscripts of Caribbean and Guyanese composers.

Country Notes:

EARLY MUSIC TRAINING. A network of private teachers caters for the early music training of children in Guyana. Most tuition is in piano and theory, preparing students for the examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London. In elementary schools music is officially part of the curriculum, but in practice there are insufficient skilled teachers to go around. Some secondary schools have music programs for the first two or three years, and music is available at the Caribbean Examinations’ Council Examination (CXC Examination), the equivalent of an ‘O’ level subject. MUSIC IN SCHOOLS. All student teachers at elementary teacher training colleges are required to take basic studies in music; music is also available as a specialist subject but numbers choosing this option are few. The teaching of class music in secondary schools is largely left to private music teachers, though many of these have had no teacher training. The University of Guyana’s Certificate in Music (Pan) program set up in 1993 is a first step toward providing formal training for specialist music teachers in this country. MUSIC ARCHIVES. Collections of tapes of indigenous Guyanese music are held at the University of Guyana in its Amerindian Research Unit, in its Development Research Unit for Music and also in the Department of Culture, but as yet there is no central archive of this material. Both the University library and the National Library hold some manuscripts of Caribbean and Guyanese composers.

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January 2020