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ARISTOTLE UNIVERSITY (Aristotelio Panepistimio Thessaloniki), THESSALONIKI School of Music Studies (Tmima Mousikon Spoudon)






Street Address:

Music: University campus, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, GR-54124 Thessaloniki, Greece

Postal Address:

Psychoacoustics: Otolaryngology Clinic of the University Hospital, GR-54006 Thessaloniki, Greece


+30 231 099 1815

Email 1:


Undergraduate program


Bachelor of Arts. Studies include musicology, ethnomusicology, composition, music education, music therapy, music technology, sound engineering.


Graduate programs


Master of Arts. In music. Doctor of Philosophy.

Institution Notes:

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was established in 1925. The School of Music Studies was established in 1985, being the first music studies department in a university in Greece. The emphasis is on both artistic creation and research. The central laboratory of the program is the computer music laboratory where original music compositions and original sound synthesis software are produced and which participates in an Interdisciplinary Graduate Program known as 'Advanced Computer Systems and Communications'. The School of Music Studies has established a music education research project Community Action in Learning Music (CALM) in which students have the opportunity to teach and learn music from schools in socio-economically disadvantaged areas and communities.

Last Updated:

November 2021