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Certificate program


Certificate. Awarded under the auspices of the Melina Project.

Institution Notes:

Founded in 1989, the Institute for Research on Music and Acoustics (IEMA) is a non-profit, public interest organisation supported by the State, the European Union and private sponsors. It aims to develop and support research into all aspects of music and acoustics as well as to provide systematic information and documentation about activities concerning these areas. There is permanent co-operation with the Greek Ministries of Culture and Education. The Melina Project: Education and Culture is a co-operative venture between the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education and the General Secretariat of Adult Education, which aims to improve coverage of the arts and culture in education. It uses the Institute to cover aspects of music in education. The Project, through the Benaki Museum, has compiled two music anthologies for use in preliminary and high schools, has published music books and issued CD-Roms for use in schools. The Greek Music Information Centre was formed in 1998 as a department of the Institute, with the aim of documenting and providing information on musical activities in Greece. Particular interests are scientific research and application with the support of new technology and methods, the development and documentation of the collections of archives, recordings and publications, and the organisation of seminars, concerts and conferences on such topics as systematic musicology, sound processing, performance, original composition, music acoustics, psychoacoustics, Greek musical tradition, ethnomusicology, music education and music information and documentation. It holds a sound archive as well as the Xenakis Archive. The library houses an archive of music magazines, periodicals, music literature, manuscripts, music scores, essays and music information databases. Facilities include an experimental laboratory of musical instruments (for construction and repair of traditional instruments as well as research on development and advancement of classical instruments and development of experimental types of instruments), a recording studio and a computer music and sound processing studio. Research projects have included models for acoustic improvement in open-space concerts, reconstruction of the ancient ‘hydraulis’, and ‘E-motion-, a hardware and software system for transforming movement into music. The Institute is a member of the International Association of Music Information Centres.

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November 2021