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AARHUS UNIVERSITY, AARHUS School of Communication and Culture, Department of Dramaturgy and Musicology






Street Address:

Langelandsgade 139, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark


+45 8942 5164

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Undergraduate program


Bachelor of Arts. Three years. Specialisation in musicology.


Graduate programs


Master of Arts in Musicology. Either: • in music, sound and communication, with studies in audio production, music for stage productions, or • in music teaching, with studies in music history, theory, music culture, choral management. Doctor philosophiae.

Institution Notes:

Aarhus University was established in 1928. The Department of Musicology is part of the Institute of Aesthetic Studies. The Institute holds a collection of recordings, books and scores of traditional music of Denmark, South Jutland and the Faeroe Islands. Language of instruction is Danish. The Danish National Research Foundation’s Center for Music In the Brain (MIB) is an interdisciplinary research center at Aarhus University and the Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/Aalborg, Denmark aiming to address the dual questions of how music is processed in the brain and how this can inform our understanding of fundamental principles behind brain functioning in general. Member of the University of the Arctic.

Last Updated:

September 2021