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Street Address:

Koukoude, Guinea, West Africa

Postal Address:

Kissidugu Foundation, PO Box 263 Hawi, Hawai'i 96719, USA




Programs for young persons aged 14 - 19 and for international youth to study traditional music and dance of the country, including performance in drumming, balafone, krin and kora.

Institution Notes:

The Kissidugu Foundation is an American non-profit organisation dedicated to creating opportunities and education for communities in Guinea, West Africa. There are four main focuses: • Food & Agriculture, • Technology, • Language, • Traditional Dance, Music and History. It organises workshops and conferences to promote awareness of the needs of African communities in Guinea and for building the School. Fara Tolno, born in Guinea, was the lead drummer for the group Les Merveilles de Guinea, and is based in Colorado, USA. He is the founder of Kissidugu, the percussion and dance ensembles in various cities in USA and in Guinea and operates workshops and residencies for interested persons through Project Drum. The Kissidugu School of Dance, Music & Education is the second stage of his Guinea Project, the first already-completed being a community centre, housing for teachers, rehearsal spaces, a pharmacy and garden. The building of the school is scheduled to begin in 2022, the plan being to open the school firstly to international students, then, on completion of the school's building and facilities, to young persons of Guinea for whom scholarships will be available. It is expected that the study program will be offered in conjunction with some USA Universities as a 'for credit' program. Currently the Kissidugu Foundation operates a series of Camp Merveilles in the USA (in Hawai’i, Arizona and Utah) to share the drum, dance and culture beyond Guinea itself.

Last Updated:

November 2021