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MUSIC CROSSROADS, MOZAMBIQUE, MAPUTO Music Crossroads Mozambique Academy






Street Address:

Av. Paulo S Kankhomba 1110, 1ยบ Andar, Maputo, Mozambique


Certificate program


Professional Certificate. One year. Studies include contemporary instrumental and vocal performance, theory, aural skills, traditional dance, sound engineering, music industry, music management. For young musicians aged 18 to 30.

Institution Notes:

Initiated in 1995 by Jeunesses Musicales International and their festivals and international tours, Music Crossroads, founded in 2013, has developed into a series of non-profit centres for young musicians in southern Africa. It aims to enhance and develop skills and professionalism of young musicians working in all styles, traditional and contemporary, and to promote and share knowledge through cultural exchanges, music activities, courses and research. The Music Crossroads Mozambique Academy teaches music to young people and offers a certificate program. Facilities include well-equipped music labs and rehearsal rooms. With international headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, Music Crossroads operates in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Outreach programs involving music in the community are organised.

Last Updated:

March 2022