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UNIVERSITY OF CYPRUS, NICOSIA Department of Education Department of Education






Street Address:

Dramas 11-13, Theophanides Building, Nicosia 1678, Cyprus

Postal Address:

PO Box 20537, 1678 Nicosia, Cyprus


+357 22 894 488


Undergraduate program


Bachelor of Education. Music is included as a required subject in the training of pre-school and primary school teachers.

Institution Notes:

The University of Cyprus is the only state institution of higher education. It was established in 1989 and had its first student intake in 1992. Courses in music are offered to students studying education at kindergarten and elementary school level.

Country Notes:

Cyprus is currently divided into the larger southern area, with a predominantly Greek Cypriot population and the smaller northern sector inhabited primarily by Turkish Cypriots. A separate entry sets out information on music programs in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (see ‘Cyprus [Turkish]’). Music is a required subject in primary schools in Cyprus. Large schools may employ a specialised music teacher, but smaller ones require the class teacher to give music instruction. CYPRUS MUSIC INFORMATION CENTRE The Cyprus Music Information Centre (CyMIC) was established in 2008 by the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Foundation. It aims to promote and encourage development, production and appreciation of the music created by Cypriot composers and musicians. It provides information, publications and music scores about the whole range of Cyprus music. 25-27 Othellou Str, Famagusta Gate 1016, Nicosia, Cyprus. Tel +357 22 809 804 Fax +357 22 346 124 Email: Website: The Cyprus Music Information Centre is a member of the International Association of Music Information Centres.

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April 2019