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HOKKAIDO UNIVERSITY OF EDUCATION (Hokkaido Kyoiku Daigaku), SAPPORO Department of Teacher Training







Street Address:

Sapporo campus:1-3 Ainosato 5-3, Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi 002-8501, Hokkaido, Japan


Undergraduate program


Bachelor of Education. Basic music training is required for all students. For those wishing to specialise in music, studies include performance (on piano, wind instruments, stringed instruments, percussion, voice), choral and instrumental conducting, Western music history. Four years. Training for teachers of music in elementary and junior secondary schools.

Institution Notes:

A national co-educational university founded in 1949, with campuses in various cities of Hokkaido, the main campus being in Sapporo. Branches are located in Asahikawa (9 Hokumon-cho, Asahikawa-shi 070-8621, Hokkaido), Hakodate (1-2 Hachiman-cho, Hakodate-shi 040-0083, Hokkaido), Iwamizawa (2 Chome-34 Midorigaoka, Iwamizawa, 068-0835, Hokkaido) and Kushiro City (15-55, Shiroyama 1-chome, Kushiro-shi 085-9826, Hokkaido). There are attached elementary and junior high schools at each campus and these are used for training music teachers and teachers to work with mentally handicapped children. The Sapporo campus includes training teachers specialising in music for senior secondary schools. Language for teaching regular courses is Japanese, but an English language program for foreign students may be possible.

Last Updated:

February 2022