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UNIVERSIDAD MAYOR, SANTIAGO Facultad de Humanidades - Pedagogía en Artes Musicales






Street Address:

Campus Manuel Montt, Apoquindo 5009, Las Condes, Santiago, Chile


+56 2 240 3862

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Undergraduate program


Licenciado en Educación. Five years. Music studies include performance (classical, jazz/pop), choral conducting. Upon graduation students receive the title ‘Profesor de Artes Musicales para Educación Básica y Media'.

Institution Notes:

A private university founded in 1988. The Conservatory of Music commenced operations in 2003. Apart from its professional programs there is a junior Saturday morning program for children from 4 to 7 years using the Orff Schulwerk method of approach to music. There are links with the Conservatorio Rimsky-Korsakov (St Petersburg, Russia), the Instituto Superior de Arte (Havana, Cuba), the Conservatorio del Liceo (Barcelona, Spain) and the Conservatorio Superior de Música Rimsky-Korsakov (Guayaquil, Ecuador).

Country Notes:

MUSIC TRAINING FOR CHILDREN. While there are some conservatory-type institutions and music schools in the main cities of Chile offering basic music training in performance, theory, aural perception, music appreciation and ensemble participation to young persons and interested adults, there is also much demand for initial training from private music teachers. As in all countries, the numbers of students continuing on to professional levels are relatively low compared to those who commence initial training. TRAINING FOR PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS. The training of professional musicians is undertaken at government-supported and private universities and music schools, and generally leads to the qualification of Licenciatura (roughly the equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree) in either performance or teaching. The area of specialisation is specified on the qualification certificate as ‘ . . . con mención en . . . ‘. Training courses for teachers of music are offered in universities. In such courses the number of years of instrumental tuition required relates to the time of commencing initial training at the conservatory or music school. Without exception, entry to professional music courses at university level is after completion of secondary schooling.

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April 2019