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UNIVERSIDAD DE CHILE, SANTIAGO Departamento de Música y Sonología






Street Address:

Compañía 1264, 4th Floor, Office 410, Sector B, Santiago, Chile


Undergraduate program


Licenciado en Artes (=Bachelor). Four years. Studies include performance, theory, music history, aural skills. A fifth year may be taken with specialisation in the areas of piano performance, choral conducting, composition, theory, leading to the qualification 'Professional Title with Mention in . . .'. Licenciado en Artes (=Bachelor). Five years. Major in Sound Engineering.


Graduate program


Magister en Artes. In performance, composition, musicology.

Institution Notes:

The university was founded in 1842, thus being the oldest institution of higher education in the country. The Faculty of Arts offers programs in dance, drama, music, visual arts and theory. The music department holds a collection of music by Chilean composers and operates an active opera program. There is a Centro Tecnológico with state-of-the-art electronic equipment for use by staff members and students involved in the sound science program. The Gabinete de Electroacústica para la Música de Artes has produced recordings of the works of staff and student composers. A junior school of extension studies provides programs in classical and popular music performance and theory to interested young persons.

Last Updated:

September 2021