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UNIVERSITY OF THE BASQUE COUNTRY (Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea), BILBAO College of Teacher Education







Street Address:

Campus of Biscay: Barrio Sarriena, s/n, 48940 Bilbao, Vizcaya, Spain


+34 94 476 1129


Undergraduate program


Bachelor of Arts in Primary Education. Four years. For teaching music in schools. Studies include performance. There is some study of the approaches of Orff, Willems.

Institution Notes:

This is the only public university in the Basque Country and was founded in 1980. Other campuses are at Araba and Gipuzkoa (San Sebastian). The University organises study programs for senior citizens.

Country Notes:

MUSIC FOR SCHOOL-AGE CHILDREN. In Spain music is a required subject in primary and lower secondary schools. There is also a system of conservatory music instruction operating parallel to general school studies. The Conservatorio de Música is a state music school providing a range of music tuition to interested young people and adults. Some also provide higher training in performance for full-time students wishing to make music their profession. Conservatories are of three types: • Conservatorio Elemental de Música, providing music instruction to students from eight to thirteen years of age (elementary level). Studies include performance, choir, theory, solfège. On completion students are awarded a certificate. • Conservatorio Profesional de Música, offering instruction up to age sixteen (middle level). Students may study performance, theory, solfège, or composition (including harmony, counterpoint, orchestration. A program in teaching of the instrument is offered. A professional diploma is awarded. PROFESSIONAL MUSIC TRAINING. • Conservatorio Superior de Música, offering advanced instruction to the highest levels to students from the age of sixteen. A four- to five-year program, depending on the area of specialisation, which may include performance (piano, harpsichord, guitar, voice, orchestral instruments), theory, composition, choral and orchestral conducting, church music, chamber music, teaching of the instrument. Depending on the major, studies may also include ensemble, orchestration, musicology, languages, teaching practice. Many Conservatorios have changed to the Bologna system consisting of Grado (Bachelor) and Máster (Master). The third level of the Bologna system is restricted to university studies. Only conservatories in the third class (Conservatorio Superior de Música) are included in the listings in the entry. Numerous private conservatories and music schools and some special interest music schools exist in most provinces in Spain. MUSIC IN UNIVERSITY PROGRAMS. Music studies at universities are sometimes offered within Faculties of Geography and History or Humanities and Letters. They consist of courses in music history, analysis and musicology which are organized into the three cycles of the Bologna system. Most universities have already changed to this new system, though some are still in the change-over process with both old and new systems existing concurrently. A few have still to make a beginning. The system consists of: Grado (Bachelor’s degree). Three years. Máster (Master’s degree). Two years. Doctorado (Doctor’s degree). Up to three years. The training of teachers of music for secondary schools is within the Faculties of Education of the universities. Entry is either after completion of the university course in musicology/music history, or completion of the higher teaching diploma at a conservatory. BALEARIC ISLANDS AND CANAR ISLANDS. The Balearic Islands and Canary Islands are Spanish territories with a similar system of music education to that of Spain itself. Details of their music programs are included in the Spanish entries. Many Spanish music schools are members of the UNION DE ESCUELAS DE MÚSICA Y DANZA (UENMD), which itself is a member of the European Music Schools Union (EMU) with headquarters in Utrecht, Netherlands. Email: CENTRO PARA LA DIFUSIÓN DE LA MÚSICA CONTEMPORÁNEA.This Centre provides information on contemporary music activities and organisations in Spain. Torregalindo 10, Madrid, ES-28016, Spain. Tel +34 91 353 1480 Fax +34 91 530 8321

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February 2020