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YORK UNIVERSITY, TORONTO School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design







Street Address:

4700 Keele Street, Room 225 Winters College, Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3, Canada


+1 416 736 5321

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Undergraduate programs


Bachelor of Arts Honours Music. Four years. Specialisation in Western classical music, jazz and gospel music, world music and ethnomusicology, contemporary improvisation, composition, music education and community music, studies in music cultures. Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours. Four years. Bachelor of Education. Four years. Taken concurrently with the music degree.


Graduate programs


Master of Arts. In composition, musicology, ethnomusicology, jazz, urban popular music. Doctor of Philosophy.

Institution Notes:

York University was founded in 1959. Music is a department of the Faculty of Fine Arts which comprises music, dance, design, film, theatre, visual arts and fine arts cultural studies. The Music Department has recently moved into new, state-of-the-art facilities in the Accolade East Building. It lays great emphasis on musical creativity (sound imagery, MIDI, electronics, collective improvisation, interaction with other arts and media), with stress on chamber music, jazz, contemporary improvisation, South Indian and Philippine gong music and ethnomusicology. It houses the Oscar Peterson Studio for advanced jazz research. The University is home to the Canadian Society for Traditional Music (La Société Canadienne pour les Traditions Musicales). A number of non-degree courses in music are offered to students in other faculties and to interested members of the local community. These include performance on world music instruments such as country and folk fiddle, Chinese transverse bamboo flute (dizi), early Western wind instruments (recorder, krumhorn, shawm), flamenco guitar, folk guitar, hand percussion instruments from various traditions, shakuhachi, djembi, Turkish baglama, Ghanaian percussion, 'oud, pipa, koto, Persian setar, tabla and traditional harp, Chinese xiao, yangqin, zheng, zhonghu and erhu, world vocal styles.

Last Updated:

August 2021