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MAKERERE UNIVERSITY, KAMPALA Department of Performing Arts and Film






Street Address:

7062 University Road, Kampala, Uganda

Postal Address:

PO Box 7062, Kampala, Uganda


Undergraduate program


Bachelor of Arts in Music. Three years. Studies in performance (classical, jazz/pop, ethnic), choral conducting, music history, ethnomusicology, composition, music education, community music, music technology.


Graduate program


Master of Arts in Music. In performance, composition, ethnomusicology, music and drama. Doctor of Philosophy.


Diploma program


Diploma in Music, Dance or Drama.

Institution Notes:

Founded in 1922 as a technical school and formerly known as the University of East Africa, it is the second-oldest and largest university in Uganda, being granted its current name and status in 1970. The Department of Performing Arts (music, dance, drama and film) was established in 1971. The undergraduate music program is offered in two strands - Academic Music, and Popular and Community Music - depending on the level of music background of incoming students. In addition to the professional programs the Department organises outreach programs in which students go out and perform in communities across the country to educate the society on various aspects of life such as love, aids, and prostitution. There is a large collection of African instruments. Language of instruction is English.

Last Updated:

September 2022