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ÖSTERREICHISCHE AKADEMIE DER WISSENSCHAFTEN, VIENNA Institute for Art and Music Historical Research, Department of Musicology






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Postgasse 7-9, 1010 Vienna, Austria

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Dr. Ignaz Seipel Square 2, 1010 Wien, Austria

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Research programs


The Academy of Sciences conducts research into two areas associated with music: • Commission for Music Research (Kommission für Musikforschung). • Acoustics Research Laboratory.

Institution Notes:

The Austrian Academy of Sciences, founded in 1847, is the most prominent organisation promoting non-university academic research in Austria. In the area of music it works through its Institute for Art and Music Historical Research with a data bank of Austrian music. This Commission issues regular publications on musicological topics (notably Oesterreichisches Musiklexicon, oeml). There is also an Acoustics Research Institute, which publishes regular journals. The Academy’s audiovisual research archive (Phonogrammarchiv der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften), founded in 1899 as the first of its kind, contains a valuable collection of sound recordings of music and languages from all over the world, important for cultural anthropology, ethnomusicology and linguistics alike. Most of them were made during field research in Africa, Europe, Central Asia and Papua New Guinea. The historical recordings 1899-1950, included in UNESCO’s World Register of its ‘Memory of the World’ Program, are being published in a CD edition. Printed catalogues are available for part of its holdings, while a complete on-line catalogue is under preparation. The archive, known for its focus on the technology of sound preservation, has recently also expanded into videography.

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August 2021